​​SSC Pacific Production, Installation, 
and In-Service (PII) Engineering

SSC Pacific provides full-service command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) fleet engineering capabilities to support the Navy and Marine Corps. We offer highly skilled subject matter experts that work as a part of integrated product teams (IPT). These experts perform installation design and production, fleet engineering services and management of deployed systems, program performance reporting, and integrated logistics support, and training.

  • Installation design, planning, and modernization management
  • In-service engineering support of fielded C4ISR systems through sustainment engineering, obsolescence, and logistics modernization management
  • Repair and restoration, test equipment, sensor, and indicator calibration logistics
  • C4ISR Systems Service Desk, training, and integrated logistics
SSC Pacific Unique Capabilities

  • Consolidated C4I Service Desk
  • Network Engineering Integration Facility
  • Electronic and Mechanical Instruments Calibration Facility (JNAC approved)
  • 3-D modeling and additive manufacturing
  • Advanced Restoration and Repair Facility 
  • Joint Integrated Communications Facility
  • Live Fire Radar Test Facility (NOLF)
Some of SSC Pacific’s current PII-Engineering efforts

SSC Pacific supports 3-D virtual environment modeling of ship or shore C4I spaces to support the creation of accurate installation drawings, reduce errors, scan obsolescent parts for remanufacturing and simulate environmental stresses on assemblies prior to construction, routing cables through a space or shelter in 3-D, and then generating reports and bills of materials with the click of a button. SSC Pacific completed 894 installations afloat and ashore in FY15.

With the Warfighter
Support all C4ISR systems and equipment around the clock, 365 days a year, at sea and ashore, whether overseas or locally. Engineers and technicians are available to respond via distance support or on-site whenever called upon to troubleshoot and resolve casualties or to provide necessary training to ship technicians and operators.
Fleet Systems Engineering Team (FSET) members are embedded to multiple deployed battle groups throughout the world.
Our subject matter experts (SMEs) support multiple naval exercises (e.g., RIMPAC, Trident Warrior, CARAT, etc.).

Global in-service support

In-house virtual training and logistics.

Production, restoration, and repair.

Installation and integration.

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