Cyberspace is a warfighting domain that is critical to ensuring the Navy's capability to operate forward. SSC Pacific's integrated cyber operations enable U.S. Navy warfighting capabilities in a contended cyberspace by delivering unique value to the warfighter in the cyber domain through end-to-end communications, computing, and software applications to dramatically improve warfighter mission outcomes.
SSC Pacific has a cyberspace/information technology workforce of more than 1100 personnel, more than 94 percent of whom maintain commercial certifications.
Our cyber efforts involve a close coupling of computer network defense, computer network exploitation, computer network development, and engineering. This enables U.S. forces to maneuver in the cyber domain while denying the adversary's ability to do the same and simultaneously protecting U.S. critical infrastructure and information.​
SSC Pacific Unique Cyber Capabilities
  • Full-spectrum cyberspace operations
    • Defensive cyberspace operations (DCO)
    • Offensive Cyberspace Operations (OCO)
    • Computer network exploitation (CNE)
    • Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN)
    • Operations Systems and Systems of systems engineering​
  • Security engineering, certification & accreditation, risk management
  • Cyber situational awareness, high assurance/highly robust systems
  • Information/network warfare
  • Forensics​
​​​​​​Today, U.S. Navy and other military services must take action to protect and operate within the cyber warfighting domain. SSC Pacific has a long history illustrating how the Navy has utilized technological advances across the cyber domain to maintain that critical warfighting advantage over all adversaries.
Some of SSC Pacific’s current cyber efforts
  • Navy's technical authority for cyber testing of acquisition programs 
  • Stochastic Compiler Hacks as Software Immunization Mechanisms (SCHSIM) develops artificial software diversity to minimize an attacker's knowledge of individual computer systems
 With the Warfighter

Protecting the warfighters' communication tools is of critical importance. SSC Pacific ensures interoperability of high-assurance devices by providing the National Security

Agency (NSA) with systems engineering, standards development, interoperability, test engineering, and acquisition support. As the NSA-endorsed High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) Interoperability Specification (IS) requirement conformance test facility, SSC Pacific certifies interoperability compliance of all HAIPE products.

Support from SSC Pacific personnel has allowed for the rapid advancement of high-assurance IP encryption by researching and reviewing innovative protocols and developing and implementing new technologies.

SSC Pacific operates, maintains, and manages the U.S. Navy's Link 16 Network Design Facility (NDF), which provides critical pre-deployment TDL support to the U.S. Navy by providing Link 16 load files for Navy platforms, verifying and validating network requirements, and implementing Link 16 networks for Navy, joint and allied forces, as well as supporting representation at the US Joint Network Design Team (JNDT) and managing the JTIDS/MIDS Network Library (JNL) and the network description documents (NDDs) of every Link 16 network for the U.S. Navy.​

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