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Semantic Normalizer

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The U.S. Navy seeks to commercialize U.S. Patent Application 11/506,269 (Semantic normalizer for natural language).

The Technology

The Semantic Normalizer (SN) is a software application that provides users the capability to train responses for any given input. Current competitive techniques are based on a predetermined set of rules and relationships that are not always accurate, nor do they allow for further improvement. The SN automatically creates its own rules and relationships as a result of end-user feedback, allowing for easier customization and application.

The SN provides the capability to summarize natural language statements. Performance for the SN will improve with use. Product applications can also be supported with a pre-compiled knowledge base, allowing for an initial boost in performance.

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes training time by automatically creating its own proper set of rules and relations
  • Constantly evolves and improves accuracy with end-user feedback
  • Is extremely scalable with no degradation in performance subsequent to training
  • Provides a simple user interface based on an input/output design
  • Operates in real time
  • Applications

  • Automation using any range of commands: verbal, textual, etc.
  • Information summarization, translation, or presentation
  • Database querying
  • Data mining and extraction
  • Human–machine systems or interaction
  • Development Status

  • DoD 5000 Series Technology Readiness Level 4: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment
  • Prototype systems already developed and ready for transition into commercial applications
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    SD 611, September 2005. SSC Pacific, San Diego, CA 921525001. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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