SSC Pacific Tech Transfer

A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is a legal agreement between a government research and development (R&D) laboratory and Non-Navy Partner(s) to cooperatively conduct R&D in a given technical area and share in the technical results derived from the joint effort. It can save both industry and the government laboratory costs and valuable time to achieve mutually desirable results.

CRADAs can be initiated as the result of common technical interests. The goal is to develop technology that can both be used by SSC Pacific, and transferred to the commercial world. Therefore, CRADAs involve intellectual property which is used directly or expanded upon as a result of the CRADA. There is a process that must be used to determine legal rights for the intellectual property before the issuance of the CRADA and for the intellectual property developed as a result of the CRADA.

A commercial partner can provide facilities, equipment, personnel, and funding to the CRADA. SSC Pacific can provide the same things with the exception of funding, or the CRADA would be considered a contract and come under control of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and/or the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Limited Purpose CRADAs (LP-CRADAs) are restricted to the exchange of existing equipment or material that collaborators need for their own research, test, evaluation, development or engineering activities. There is no joint work performed under the LP-CRADA, but there is a mutual interest in the research outcome. In some cases, the provider has equipment or material that the parties want evaluated or used by the recipient. Acceptable collaborative purposes include determining suitability of the equipment or material for a recipient's purpose or to determine if there is mutual interest or need for a more formal CRADA, patent license agreement , or procurement. Data and intellectual property of the collaborators is protected.

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