SSC Pacific
Autonomous Capabilities Suite (ACS)


The Autonomous Capabilities Suite (ACS, pronounced aces) is a modular software framework for unmanned systems that enables the sensors, payloads, and behaviors to be self-contained and vehicle independent.

ACS benefits include:

  • Robotic applications can be built as a collection of independent software modules
  • Re-use of software for cross-platform compatibility across mission applications
  • Rapid development and integration of new capabilities
  • Flexibility to incorporate future advances in computational hardware, sensors, and autonomy research
  • Interoperability with open-source software (e.g, ROS, MOOS-ivP, CARACaS); allows leveraging of open-source community and Government testing with minimal risk
  • Independence from communications protocols (e.g., JAUS/SAE, STANAG 4586); enables integration with multiple vehicle types

ACS was developed by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SPAWAR) and is Government owned.

ACS was developed in order to:

  • Provide easy collaboration with other Government labs, industry, and academia
  • Enable addition of 3rd party modules with minimal integration costs
  • Allow simultaneous integration with multiple proprietary systems

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