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Business Opportunities: 619-553-0257
Public Affairs: 619-553-2717


Unmanned Systems:


Non-official Mailing Address:

Unmanned Systems (PL-SS)
53406 Woodward Rd
San Diego, CA 92152-7383

Official Mailing Address:

Commanding Officer
SPAWARSYSCEN PAC 71710 (or other POC)
53560 Hull St
San Diego, CA 92152-5001

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+ What is SPAWAR?

+ How do I get a job with the robotics group at SSC Pacific?

+ How do I get permission to use one or more images from this website?

+ How do I buy a product?

+ My company has just developed a breakthrough new product -- how do I sell it to you?

+ Can you send me all the information on a product for my school term paper?

+ How can I learn more about the product and how it operates?
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