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Counter Tunnel Robot

SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFLR) have developed the Counter Tunnel System as a complementary development effort of NORTHCOM's Rapid Reaction Tunnel Detection (R2TD) JCTD. The R2TD system addresses the "objective" tunnel-exploration requirements, but has only 2D perception and limited mapping techniques in non-planar, complex environments. Based off of the R2TD principles, the Counter Tunnel System goal is to provide the Warfighter and law enforcement:

  • a safe and effective solution for 3D localization, mapping, and characterization of a tunnel-like environment
  • a capability to identify items of interest within the environment
  • a capability to locate the point(s) of entry.

For more information, please see:

  •  Larson, J., Okorn, B., Pastore, T., Hooper, D., and J. Edwards, "Counter Tunnel Exploration, Mapping, and Localization with an Unmanned Ground Vehicle", SPIE Proc. 9084: Unmanned Systems Technology XVI, Baltimore, MD, May 6-8, 2014. 

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