SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific)
Where can I find general information about SSC Pacific?
General information about SSC Pacific may be found on the SSC Pacific website:
About SSC Pacific

Where can I find information about SSC Pacific technical departments?
Department information may be found at:
SSC Pacific Departments

Where can I find additional information about specific products and services?
A list of products and services is available at:
Products and Services

Where do I find information about employment at SSC Pacific?
General information about careers at SSC Pacific may be found at:

SSC Pacific does not directly field employment inquiries or handle employment matters. However, you may find a list of the existing government job postings, as well as direction and assistance information on how to pursue employment opportunities on the websites listed below:
Department of Navy's Civilian Hiring and Recruitment Tool

Whom may I contact regarding SSC Pacific media publications, releases, or other press-related questions?
Media-related questions and publications may be directed to:
Public Affairs Office

Where can I find the mailing address, get directions or find a list of area accommodations near SSC Pacific?
For the mailing address, directions and a list of area hotels go to:
Mailing Address, Directions, and Area Accommodations

How can I request a badge to visit SSC Pacific?
Visiting procedures and badging information and forms can be found at:
Visiting SSC Pacific
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