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The mission of 41 Fleet Engineering Department is to provide the expertise across the full spectrum of integrated command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) from prototype implementation through systems engineering and support of fielded systems.


The 41 Fleet Engineering Department provides in-service software and hardware engineering, integration, and installation of command, control, communication, computer, and intelligence (C4I) systems.

The 411 Installation division provides fleet installation and integrated logistics program management to support our fleet customers, ensuring fully integrated and tested quality C4ISR installations are accomplished within established cost and schedule.

The 4105 Fleet Support & Training Office (FSTO) In Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) Project Office combines several customer support functions such that a unified and coordinated task can be accomplished. The following discrete functional areas comprise the ISEA Project Office:

  • ISEA Management Team (includes process and financial manager)
  • Fleet Support Team (FSO)
  • Fleet Distance Support Team
  • SPAWAR Institute Management Team
  • Corporate Logistics Support Team

The 412 Radio Frequency Systems Fleet Engineering Division provides engineering and fleet support for a variety of systems within the high frequency (HF), very high frequency(VHF), ultra high frequency (UHF), super high frequency(SHF), commercial and extremely high frequency(EHF) spectrums.

The 413 Communications Network Fleet Engineering Systems Division provides complete in-service engineering agent (ISEA) services and logistics support for state-of-the-art network based systems, interior communication systems and legacy base band programs.

The 414 Command and Control Fleet Engineering Division provides in-service engineering, software engineering support, integrated logistics support and installation support for a variety of surface surveillance,tactical, and meteorology and oceanography (METOC) systems, including Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS), Link-16, Multi-functional Information Display System (MIDS), submarine electronic surveillance measures (ESM) systems, and internet/web/database solutions.

The 415 Systems Support Engineering Division provides customers with cost-effective engineering, management, life cycle support, test, installation, prototype modeling, and manufacturing.

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