Integrated Voice Communications Systems (4133)

The 4133 Integrated Voice Communications System Branch offers a full range of engineering and technical services in support of fleet interior voice communications systems.

Specifically, 4133 is the primary support agent for West Coast Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS), Man on the Move communications (MOMCOM), General Announcing Systems, HYDRA (Hierarchical Yet Dynamically Reprogrammable Architecture), and Voice logging systems. As primary West Coast support agent, 4133 provides the Fleet with:

  • On-call technical assistance
  • On-the-air troubleshooting, testing, and link assessment
  • System analysis, design, and engineering
  • Installation services worldwide (Prototype, EDM and production shipboard and shore based equipment)

4133 is the service department of the Naval Phone system in the Pacific Ocean region. 4133 personnel perform installation planning, service, support, and training on a wide spectrum of telephone equipment. 4133 expertise will play a key role in the implementation of new defense communications architectures such as JMCOMS. 4133 technical expertise includes:

  • Public Switched Networks
  • PBX setup and operation
  • ISDN Services
  • Wireless Voice and Data Communications
  • Voice storage and retrieval

4133 has created a Servi-Center type of operation for the Mount Soledad antenna site. Many Navy and Non-Navy entities are using the facilities and the strategic location of the site for antenna and communication equipment installation. Customers are billed on a monthly or yearly basis for the facilities.

4133 is providing Help Desk services to many Navy and Non-Navy customers. Services are tailored based on customers needs.

For Immediate Response to your requirements:
4133 Branch Head - Integrated Voice Communications
DSN: 526-6920
Comm: (619) 556-6920
FAX: (619) 556-6388
Email: 4133 Branch Head

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