SSC Pacific
Mission, Vision and Core Values


The ISR department's mission within the SSC San Diego organization:

We create superior ISR technology, products, and services that are vital to our national interests.


Talented people creating great ISR Solutions.

The ISR Department's vision for the future has inspired us to build a high-performance learning organization. Our strategy is built on a foundation of our organization's four primary strengths:

  • We are the nation's provider of superior integrated ISR solutions.

  • Our team is flexible, responsive, and creative.

  • We are dedicated to excellence and supporting our customers.

  • We team with partner, beneficiary and stakeholder organizations to provide the right ISR products and services for our nation.

Core Values

The ISR Department's core values align with those of the Center. Our core values are the beliefs and motivators that we wish to exhibit in our daily activities. These values are to be honored by all employees within the ISR Department, from those on the front line of our micro-businesses to those in support, supervisory, and senior management positions:

  • Customers - Listen to and respond to the concerns of our customers. Deliver affordable, innovative, and competitive quality products and services.

  • Employees - Value employees who demonstrate initiative, commitment, and the willingness to embrace change and new challenges. Facilitate employee development through coaching, mentoring, and feedback laterally and horizontally across the department. Recruit and retain employees specifically to fill our core ISR functions.

  • Teaming - Team with organizations inside and outside the Center (partners, beneficiaries, sponsors) on a basis of trust.

  • Excellence - Embrace industry and government best practices for recruiting and retention as well as for development and delivery of quality products and services.

  • Flexibility - Provide an adaptive, "learning" work culture that allows employees to effectively respond to dynamically changing business environments.

  • Alignment - Ensure the work performed within our micro-businesses is aligned with the strategic objectives of our department and the Center.

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