SSC Pacific
Joint & National Systems
D73: Joint and National Systems Division


Provide information superiority for Joint and Coalition warfighters.

  • National reconnaissance

  • Surveillance dissemination

  • Data exploitation and displays

  • HF and radar technology

  • Special operations

  • Precision engagement

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities include:

  • Joint systems integrations and deployment

  • Systems engineering

  • Multi-band antenna design and development

  • RF systems design and development

  • Signal processing

  • Algorithms

  • Advanced surveillance development

  • Radar

  • Passive detection and tracking

  • Operations and exercise support


  • National Reconnaissance: Tactical receiver characterization, algorithm optimization, surveillance reconnaissance management tools, and collection management tools.

  • Surveillance Dissemination: Real-time global information dissemination, integrated tactical receivers, and antenna development.

  • Data Exploitation and Displays: Situational awareness, intelligence analysis support tools, surveillance reconnaissance anchor desk, automated knowledge formulation, and advanced information assurance technologies.

  • HF and Radar Technology: Passive coherent location, aircraft and missile detection and tracking, and space surveillance.

  • Special Operations: C4I systems, small unit communications, and global remote sensing.

  • Precision Engagement: Time critical targeting/strike, Joint and Allied tactical aircraft C4I, and concept development and demonstration.


Our facilities include the following:

  • Tactical Support Lab (TSL)

  • Processing and Data Exploitation Center (PDEC)

  • Software Development Lab (SDL)

  • Anechoic chambers and antenna ranges

  • RF Lab

  • Precision Engagement Center of the Future


D73 Contact Information

For more information, please contact the following:

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