SSC Pacific
Global Positioning and Navigation Systems Code 523
Global Positioning and Navigation Systems IPT
The Global Positioning and Navigation Systems (GPNS) Integrated Product Team (IPT) is managed out of SSC Pacific's System of Systems and Platform Integration Division, Code 523, and is the Navy's leading navigation research and development center.  SSC Pacific provides full-service research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) support for positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies for DoD, non-DoD and foreign military customers.  

SSC Pacific's PNT laboratories evaluate proposed PNT system changes, support the development of new receivers and systems, conduct performance and characterization testing and help manufacturers and uses incorporate receiver and PNT system modifications and enhancements in support of fleet needs.    

SSC Pacific has supported the GPS program since its inception in 1973 and has functioned as the lead Navy navigation technology activity for several decades. The IPT provides an advanced RDT&E environment for navigation systems, GPS receiver systems and subsystems and complementary and alternative navigation technologies.  Recent efforts include the first integration of a chip scale atomic clock into a GPS software receiver.   

The IPT provides on-site systems management and systems engineering support for Navy programs at the Los Angeles Global Positioning Systems Directorate and legacy GPS replacement and sustainment support at the Warner Robins GPS Joint Service System Management Office (JSSMO).

The IPT also researches the use of chip scale atomic clocks, superconducting electronics, cryogenics, MEMS and other leading-edge technologies.    

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