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Global Positioning and Navigation Systems Code 523
Projects & Initiatives
The Global Positioning and Navigation Systems (GPNS) Integrated Product Team (IPT) provides full-service engineering support of PNT systems, from research and concept development, through modeling and simulation, integration, test and evaluation, acquisition support, fleet installation and in-service engineering.  The IPT also enables the Navy to maintain the accuracy and cost-effective availability of fielded GPS UE with high return on investment.  

The IPT's projects develop robust PNT solutions as a foundation for network centric warfare. 

 Core Competencies

  • Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Research and Development
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Laboratory Test Environment
  • Installations and Field Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Acquisition and Procurement Services
  • Technical Program Execution and Oversight

Platform Experience

  • Aircraft
    • USN: C-2A, E-2C, P-3C, P-8, EA-6B, F/A-18 series, MH-53E, HH-1N, UH-1N, CH-53D/E
    • USMC: AV-8B, KC-130F/R/T
    • USCG: HC-130H
  • All Navy surface ships; various subsurface and USCG platforms


 Projects & Initiatives 

  • Advanced Algorithm Development
  • Advanced Anti-Jam Adaptive Antenna/Receiver Systems
  • Advanced Digital Processing Solutions for GPS Anti-Jamming Capabilities 
  • Advanced Receiver Development and Test
  • Advanced Signal Generation and Validation Test Tools
  • Campaign Modeling and Simulation
  • Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)
  • Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS ATM)
  • Cryogenics  Research and Development
  • Foreign Comparative Testing
  • GPS-Based PNT Services (GPNTS)
  • GPS Complementary and Alternative Navigation Systems
  • GPS Modernization Systems Engineering
  • GRAM SAASM Certification Tools/Testing
  • Interference Detection and Location
  • Legacy GPS Replacement/Sustainment (JSSMO)
  • Navigation Nugget (PNT Sensor Fusion)
  • Navigation Warfare (Support, Attack, Protection)
  • Small Antenna Systems (SAS)
  • Time and Frequency Synchronization 


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