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Global Positioning and Navigation Code 523
GPS Technical Library
The Global Positioning System Technical Library is a repository for technical, managerial and administrative documentation affecting the task of SSC Pacific acting as the Navy Integration Agency and the Central Engineering Activity (CEA). The task of platform integration and CEA are to integrate and test the specified GPS receivers aboard the OPNAV designated platforms and provide life cycle support for Navy unique items. The documentation generated by each agency and contractor is controlled by SSC Pacific and must receive proper management and technical attention. The Library enables SSC Pacific to collect, disseminate and store all documentation pertinent to its task.


The GPS Technical Library uses the following guidelines to perform its mission:

  • All GPS-related documents are identified, catalogued and entered into the Database upon receipt with title, location code, agency, and keywords, and then filed at SSC Pacific.
  • Library documents are labeled with a location code and Library number for easy retrieval.
  • The Librarian assists engineers in identifying documents by various search techniques using keywords, titles, agencies or publication dates.
  • The Library is designed to provide for and exceed the anticipated growth to 50,000 documents.
  • The Library is maintained by a full-time librarian.
  • The Librarian prepares and delivers a periodic listing of new documents and a monthly Library status report. Special document listings are provided upon request.

The GPS Technical Library is located in Building 106 at SSC Pacific's Bayside facility. The Library is open daily during the hours of 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. During these hours, a librarian is available to handle any Library requests. 

Policy Regarding External Requests

The GPS Technical Library has an external request policy in place that requires need-to-know approval when requesting GPS information. The SSC Pacific GPS Librarian will perform a search of the Library's database and provide requestors with a list of applicable documentation.

Procedure for obtaining GPS Library documentation for external distribution:



Requestor. Provide SSC Pacific GPS Librarian, or (619) 553-3317 FAX, with key concepts or specific subject areas to search. Be sure to use the full name when using acronyms. Also, please provide your name, agency or company, phone number, FAX number and email address.



GPS Librarian. Perform a query based on the information provided and supply an MS Excel file containing the search results. Please allow three working days for request completion.



Requestor. To request a specific document, an SSC Pacific GPS Library Document Request Form for External Distribution is required. To initiate the process, please download, complete and send the form to the GPS Librarian at or to (619) 553-3317 FAX.
Download the SSC Pacific GPS and Navigation Systems GPS Library Document Request Form for External Distribution - MS Word 2003.


The GPS Librarian is the point of contact for all Library activities.



(619) 553-3317

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