SSC Pacific
Global Positioning and Navigation Systems Code 523

The SSC Pacific GPS and Navigation Systems (GPNS) Integrated Product Team (IPT) has supported the GPS Program continuously since its inception in 1973 and has functioned as the lead Navy navigation technology activity for several decades. In 1984, a department of the Naval Air Development Center (now part of SSC Pacific) was designated as the Central Engineering Activity (CEA) to provide technical management and engineering support for GPS receiver development and integration into more than 120 Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard platforms and to manage the GPS CEA Laboratory for evaluating GPS receivers. Due to base realignment and mission consolidation actions, this part of SSC Pacific was relocated from Warminster, PA, in 1996 to the SSC Pacific Point Loma Campus. With its reestablishment in San Diego and its consolidation with the in-service GPS and inertial navigation activities already present in San Diego, SSC Pacific now provides full service positioning, navigation, and timing support for DoD, non-DoD foreign military customers.*

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