Networks and Information Systems
55100: Networks and Information Systems Division


“Provide Innovative Networking and Information Systems Technology to the Warfighter"

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities include:

  • Network Modeling And Simulation

  • Network Design, Implementation, and Validation

  • Network Architecture Development

  • Wireless Networks

  • Opto-Electronics

  • Coalition Interoperability


  • NETWARS is a communications analysis capability that consists of: A front-end tool set designed to substantially reduce the time needed to conduct communications analyses.  The front-end will prepare input to the simulation engine and process the results of the analysis. The back-end tool set consists of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) simulation engine used to process the scenario data input via the front end. Accredited Data, in the form of IERs, OPNET based modules, and saved scenarios, that are archived in the database structure. NETWARS has standards for the OPNET modules so that the different communication modules will interoperate.

  • Advanced Digital Networking System (ADNS). Provide seamless and secure connectivity for voice, video and data applications afloat and pierside through automated network and RF resource management. Enables IT21 by implementing IP/ATM Services for UNCLAS, SECRET and SI LANs, Video Teleconferencing (VTC), Battle Force Email, Web Services (NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS), Common Operational Picture (COP), Tactical Messaging, Defense Messaging System(DMS), and File Transfer Services.


  • INSC

  • Tactical Data Link Dynamic Networking

  • Content-Based Information Security (CBIS) provides: Role-based encryption for U.S. - only and coalition releasability. Single-workstation-per-desktop for multiple security levels; single backbone network. Security that can migrate with applications for dynamic resource allocation. A mechanism to resolve CONOPS, technical and policy issues associated with coalition operations. Several critical security technologies will be aggressively pursued, driving development that will ultimately benefit other DoD programs. Workstation-embedded encryption for data-in-transit, data-at-rest. Keys that are strongly bound to a user’s PKI certificate and biometrics. Scaleable key generation, key revocation and key recovery at the local tactical level.

  • DD-21 Tech Team 21 lead for SPAWAR.  Currently monitoring contractor designs for both interior and exterior communications, total ship computing, ship environment and weapon systems.


Our facilities include the following:

Distributed secure wired and wireless networking facilities connected to LANS, MANS and WANS and with connection to International sites. In addition state of the art opto-electronic facilities with development and testing of WDM products.


55100 Contact Information

For more information, please contact the following:

  • Division Head, 55100

  • Operations Manager, 55101

  • Business Dev Manager, 55103

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