About Us

55000: Vision, Goals, Core Competencies and Growth Areas

Our Vision

"We Provide Assured Communications Locally to Worldwide"

Our goal is to provide world-class network-centric communication and information systems capabilities as part of an integrated element of C4ISR enabling warrior information dominance.

The Communications and Networks Department (55000) will be lead for the application of all available communication and information system capabilities to maritime operations.  Our ultimate goal is to provide warfighters with world-class network-centric communication and information capabilities that serve their missions and needs.

Our Goals

  • Deepen and broaden our project support to customers through
    • improved quality
    • reduced cost
    • improved training and mentoring of our employees
    • expansion of teaming, department and corporation-wide, as well as outside the SPAWAR claimancy
    • expanded participation in new business areas
  • Improve the transition of technology base activities into fielded systems.

Core Competencies

  • Science and Technology 
  • Systems Engineering and Architecture 
  • Networks and Information Systems 
  • Submarine Communications and C4I Systems 
  • Integrated Satellite and Link Communications 
  • Electromagnetics 
  • Communication and INFOSEC Support 
  • Propagation 
  • Solid State Electronics

Growth Areas

  • Growth in information processing capability leading to increased communications requirements
  • Improvements in transmission capability
  • Communication systems management
  • Transmission speed, quality, and availability of transmission systems
  • Requirements for overall system engineering, and for information processing technology
  • Information assurance
  • Wireless networking
  • Modular radios
  • Antenna technology
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