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Electro magnetic propagation modeling of environmental effects on radiated frequencies from HF (2 MHz) to infrared (300 THz):

  • Marine
  • Terrain
  • Surface, airborne, satellite platforms
  • Spatially varying atmosphere and terrain
  • Interference /j amming with anomalous propagation
  • Ocean surface and terrain clutter

Surveillance systems and strike warfare:

  • Infrared search and track system - marine atmospheric modeling suite
  • Models and simulation for target detection and tracking
  • Small boat wake detection



Analysis of atmospheric, ionospheric and surface parameters:

  • Temporal and spatial behavior
  • Joint probabilities
  • Statistical characterization of refractivity
  • Aerosol, molecular and turbulence models for long-path propagation assessment


Combat systems tie-in:

  • Radar
  • Communications
  • High energy laser weapons system performance modeling for ship self-defense



Radar, communications and weapons performance assessment:

  • Probability of detection
  • Probability of communications
  • Spectrum management
  • Climatological propagation studies



Mission planning tie-in:

  • AREPS (Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction System)
  • TAWS (Target Acquisition Weapons Software)
  • JMPS (Joint Mission Planning System)
  • JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System)
  • NITES II (Naval Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem)
  • Composable FORCENet
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