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PEO Space Systems
Headquartered in San Diego, the Navy’s Program Executive Office for Space Systems is an Echelon II acquisition organization chartered by the Secretary of the Navy as the sole executive agent to develop, deploy, sustain, provide engineering support and influence space-based capabilities for naval, joint and allied operations. This includes advanced UHF narrowband communication satellites and associated ground systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, weather systems and space related science and technology efforts. PMW 146 reports to the Navy’s PEO Space Systems on the Navy’s MUOS and UHF Follow-On (UFO) programs. PEO Space Systems reports directly to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition.

For more information view the PEO Space Systems Strategic Plan >> 


Navy in Space
The Navy, with its unique needs for communications at sea, has a rich and successful heritage in space that began in 1955 with the first American satellite program, Vanguard. In 1957, the Navy constructed the first complete satellite-launching facility at Cape Canaveral, Fla., where Vanguard I, the world’s longest orbiting satellite, was launched in 1958.

Although the Air Force oversees most DoD space system acquisition, the Navy is responsible for DoD UHF narrowband satellite communications. The UHF spectrum is the military’s communications workhorse for disadvantaged, tactical warfighters on the move, as it is the most effective SATCOM frequency for penetrating jungle foliage, inclement weather and urban terrain.


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