Product Lines

Career and Manpower – Sea Warrior’s Career and Manpower tools are used by deck plate Sailors, Command Career Counselors and all the way up to those responsible for managing the Fleet’s manpower requirements.

  • Career Information Management System (CIMS),  is used by career counselors and command leaders to manage command career information programs, review Sailor records when preparing for Career Development Boards, document personal interviews and individual counseling sessions, assign command sponsors and track sponsor information and input Administrative Remarks
  • NAVFIT98A is the Navy’s performance evaluation software used to produce fitness reports and periodic performance evaluations. NAVFIT98A is resident on NMCI and can be downloaded at http://www.npc.navy.mil/CareerInfo/PerformanceEvaluation/SoftwareForms/.
  • Navy Retention Monitoring System (NRMS), a component of Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System, produces reports on retention statistics and analysis for command review. https://nsips.nmci.navy.mil/

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