Sea Warrior Program (SWP)

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The Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) manages a complex portfolio of information technology (IT) systems that enable the Navy to support Navy human resource management, criminal justice, fleet Support, afloat business applications, Navy and DoD portfolio management, DON administration, and joint aviation aircraft scheduling. The SWP’s portfolio consists of over 60 systems and initiatives.  This includes:
  • One of the largest Navy portals, hosting 1 million users.
  • The most extensive eLearning solution in DoD, with over 40 million courses completed since its launch in 2000
  • Navy personnel ERP
  • Navy 311 and global distance support
  • Deployed systems on 169 ships and 70 subs
  • Manpower, personnel, training, and education mobile apps
  • Mission: To rapidly identify and implement affordable IT solutions to Navy business and readiness problems for Sailors, the fleet, Navy, and other customers.



Patrick Fitzgerald, Program Manager, SWP

Kevin Allen, Deputy Program Manager, SWP

Ken Johnson, Technical Director, SWP


Fact Sheets
IT Portfolio ...
The PMW 240 portfolio is complex and comprises of a broad array of systems, applications, databases, and associated technologies that vary in age, functional baseline, and lifecycle phases. The portfolio comprises:
  • Product Lines that support Distribution, Position Management, Personnel and Pay, Workforce Development, Recruiting and Accessions, Enterprise Business Services, and Distance Support.
  • Development and Modernization initiatives that focus on adapting IT applications to support the Navy's 21st century operational requirements and evolving self-service business model.

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