Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC)

Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC)

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Marines in combat require a rapid and flexible logistics capability responsive to the 21st century battlefield. GCSS-MC is the answer to this critical operational imperative. Providing a deployable, single point of entry for all logistics requirements, GCSS-MC introduces cutting edge enabling technology in support of logistics operations while facilitating the modernization of aged logistics processes and pro­cedures. Critical performance objectives include reduced logistics response and customer wait time while decreasing dependence on forward-positioned stocks.

GCSS-MC rides on the existing Marine Corps Tactical Data network and substantially improves the Combat Effectiveness of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). GCSS-MC Increment 1 is being implemented in two major releases: Release1.1 (core logistics business functionality) is the initial system implementation providing enhanced supply and maintenance capability. Release 1.2 provides functionality for Marines working in deployed austere environments.

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David K. Hansen, Program Manager, GCSS-MC

Robert Cross, Deputy Program Manager, GCSS-MC

Features ...

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of accountability and responsibility for Marine Corps equipment.
  • Automated service requests and requisitions replacing legacy time consuming paper submissions (ERO/EROSL).
  • Automated preventative maintenance scheduling, extending equipment service life and improved readiness.
  • Near-real-time reporting and view, replacing daily / weekly reporting cycles.

Command and Control Support ...

  • Results in increased effectiveness of the force through enhanced friendly situational awareness and combat support system planning and decision-making.
  • Open system design provides interoperability with MAGTF and joint and coalition Command and Control (C2) systems.
  • Procures and provides a cross-domain solution required for the passing of data from the NIPR to the SIPR network, and will connect with the tactical data network and communications systems.

Prime Integrator ...

Oracle’s E-Business Suite and tools were acquired in August 2004 using a competitive source selection process managed by the Marine Corps Systems Command. During January 2006, the program elected to leverage its strategic partnership with Oracle to complete the GCSS-MC Increment 1 solution.
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