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Conformed Contracts
The NMCI Contracts Library includes the conformed versions of the NMCI Contract and Attachments as well as the individual modifications.  There are two types of modifications: Procurement and Adminstrative.  Procurement mods (P-Mods) normally represent substantive changes to the requirements of the contract while Administrative mods (A-Mods) normally formalize agreements that are already within the scope of the contract.

Contract Award:

Issued: Dec 1999
Closed: Feb 2000
Date Awarded: 10/06/00

 Mod*  Date
Contract P00320  05/29/09 Conformed Contract
Attachment 1 P00300  03/24/08 Statement of Objectives
Attachment 1A Award   06/12/00 Integrated Master Schedule 
Attachment 1B  P00129   09/30/04 Contract Data Requirements List 
Attachment 2A  P00129   09/30/04 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
Attachment 2B  P00129   09/30/04 Transition Service Level Agreements 
Attachment 2C P00129  09/30/04 Old Service Level Agreements Mapping
Attachment 2D P00129  09/30/04 Additional Service Level Agreements
Attachment 3 Award  10/10/00 Sea-Shore Rotation Requirements
Attachment 4 Award  10/10/00 Security Requirements
Attachment 5 Award  10/10/00 Security Policy
Attachment 6 Award  10/10/00 Security CONOPS
Attachment 7 P00270  02/07/08 DD 254
Attachment 8 Award  10/10/00 Smart Card Spec
Attachment 9 Award  10/10/00 Configuration Management
Attachment 10 P00059  03/14/03 Interface Control Document
Attachment 11 P00003  10/10/00 Subcontracting Plan
Attachment 12 P00110  05/06/04 Optional User Capabilities
Attachment 13 P00018  09/11/01 TFW Operational & Test Portal Upgrade
Attachment 14 P00071  10/11/05 Mentor Protege
Attachment 15 P00232  03/24/06 Legacy Support Services
Attachment 16 P00232  03/24/06 Contract Transition Planning & Assistance Services
Attachment 17 P00232   03/24/06 Enterprise Level Performance Incentive Plan
Attachment 17 Addendum A P00287   02/21/08 Enterprise Level Performance Incentive Plan
Attachment 17 Addendum B P00301   03/24/08 Modification to the FY08 Enterprise Level Performance Incentives Plan
Attachment 17 Addendum C P00314   12/15/08 FY09 Enterprise Level Performance Incentive Plan
Attachment 17 Addendum D P00330 06/18/2010 FY10 Enterprise Level Performance Incentive Plan

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