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The Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) represents the continuous evolution of the Department of the Navy’s (DON) enterprise networks and will provide secure, netcentric data and services to the Navy and Marine Corps personnel.


NGEN is the follow-on acquisition approach to providing enterprise network services that were originally consolidated in 2000 under the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) contract, which is considered the U.S. government’s largest information technology outsourcing program, providing IT services to more than 700,000 Navy and Marine Corps users. The goals during the transition from NMCI to NGEN are to maintain continuity of services, provide an increased level of Government control, maintain information security, remain within fiscal parameters and minimize time to transition to NGEN.


Building on lessons learned in operating NMCI, the NGEN Acquisition Strategy provides the roadmap for NGEN’s successful implementation. Modeling the acquisition after fortune 500 CIO best practices for IT use within their own firms, the NGEN acquisition is taking a segmented approach to acquiring IT services via the competitive award of multiple contracts for local transport, hardware, software and enterprise services.


To “bridge” the timeframe between the Sept. 30, 2010 end of the contract for NMCI services and the implementation of NGEN, a transition roadmap has been developed. Key enablers for the success of the transition was the approved, sole-source NMCI Continuity of Services Contract (CoSC) and the Early Transition Activities (ETAs).

The NMCI CoSC ensures continuity of network services during the transition to a government-owned and government-controlled network model while permitting the systematic transition to NGEN.
ETAs establish Government management capabilities, allow greater participation in operational decisions, reduce risk, help expedite transition time and provide the foundation for a full and open competition for services.


Initially, NGEN will include:

NMCI 2010 capabilities
Increased government operational/design control of networks
Requisite IA enhancements to meet evolving security requirements
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