About PMM 110

The Navy Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) program ...

• Improves DON buying power and negotiating power for maximum discount and cost avoidance
• Enables faster turnaround times for customers due to standardized and simplified purchasing
• Establishes common terms and conditions and product lists across the DON
• Facilitates efforts to standardize products across the DON
• Increases interoperability and commonality
• Allows better management of assets
• Provides pricing leverage for follow-on agreements
• Enables follow-on process efficiencies for ordering and managing software licenses
• Enables DON customers to purchase the software their programs need in a pre-negotiated environment
with pre-established low prices
• Improves information assurance posture and supports future network alignment
• Positions DON for future DoD Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) consolidations
• Ensures compliance with DoD & DON IT mandates 

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