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Relational Supply (RSupply) provides Navy and Marine Corps personnel the tools and functions necessary to perform their day-to-day business:  ordering, receiving, and issuing of services and materials; maintaining financial records; and reconciling supply, inventory, and financial records with the shore infrastructure. The major functions of RSupply are divided into the following subsystems:

  • Site — Contains information on your own site, serial numbers, user access, validation tables, fund codes, default values, and maintenance data.
  • Inventory — Provides automated procedures to ensure that physical stock and stock records agree, allowance lists are accurate, usage data is evaluated correctly, and material requirements are anticipated. In addition, it provides programs the ability to balance material requests against available funds and purge storerooms of stock no longer applicable to supported units.
  • Logistics — Provides automated procedures to create MILSTRIP requisitions, receive and store material, issue material to supported and non-supported customers, process incoming and outgoing supply status, process carcass tracking inquiries and replies, and update all logistics data files.
  • Financial — Provides automated procedures for assimilating and reporting financial credits and expenditures. Provides an automated reconciliation tool for processing of Summary Filled Order Expenditure Difference Listings (SFOEDL) manually or through a SMARTS file input as well as Aged Unfilled Order Listings (AUOL). 
  • Query — Provides a real-time automated means of querying data required in decision making, providing status and determining the posture of onboard spares.
  • Interface — Provides the interfaces required to communicate RSupply information to OMMS-NG and NALCOMIS as well as receive data updates.

One of the more significant features offered in RSupply is a real-time interface to the Defense Automated Addressing System (DAAS) for status processing (both incoming and outgoing) and requisition submission. Also of significance is the real-time cumulative transaction ledger, which provides the user with intricate details of transactions processed, providing the tool for causative research.

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