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Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS) is a multi-application information system program that provides standard information resource management to afloat and shore-based fleet activities. NTCSS was established by the merger of three key programs: The Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing Program (SNAP), the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS), and Maintenance Resource Management System (MRMS).

NTCSS provides a full range of standardized mission support  automated data processing (ADP) hardware and software to support management of logistics information, personnel, material, equipment maintenance, and finances required to maintain and operate ships, submarines, and aircraft in support of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Major components include R-ADM, RSupply, OMMS-NG, and NALCOMIS.

     Phone: (757) 443-0294 
     DSN: 646-0294 
     Phone: (757) 443-0332 
     DSN: 646-0332
     Phone: (757) 443-0257 
     HELP DESK - 1-877-418-6824, Option 0  
     Development Phone: (757) 443-0390, DSN: 646-0390 
     Fax: (757) 443-0771
NTCSS Program Lead
     Phone: (757) 443-0375 
     DSN: 646-0375

SSC Atlantic
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