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MicroSNAP is a suite of selectable software applications primarily for military operations that provides the smaller operating forces with maintenance and supply functions based on particular operational needs, keeping our Naval expeditionary forces, various support units, and multiple shore-based Commands in peak operating condition with accurate, timely, and relevant maintenance, supply, and financial information.

MicroSNAP operates on CITRIX, NMCI, One-Net, a single PC, a local area network (LAN) managing a single site or multiple sites, or on a laptop for portability with deployed units.

The MicroSNAP suite can be tailored to meet specific operational needs of smaller expeditionary units at a fraction of the cost of larger existing systems. It will save money and time, ensuring combat readiness!  The MicroSNAP suite consists of:

• Maintenance and Operations Support System (MOSS)
• Organizational Maintenance Management System (OMMS)
• Supply and Financial Management (SFM) System
• System Management System (SMS)

Click here for detailed descriptions of the subsystems.

MicroSNAP Fleet Support Information

Phone:    DSN 646-0680 or Commercial (757) 443-0680

Include the following information in your email:

• Site UIC and name
• If the site is on CITRIX
• If the site is Active or Reserve
• Screen Print of the issue
• Your POC info (email and phone number(s)) 

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