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Maritime Medical Modules (MMM)

USS COMFORTMaritime Medical Modules (MMM) is an automated, multi-user medical support application, formerly known as SAMS, that tracks medical and dental readiness of operational units such as Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) teams, Construction Battalions (Seabees), Marine Expeditionary Units, ships, and submarines. MMM addresses requirements of automated operational/shipboard Medical Departments to store, process, and retrieve data; to monitor the medical environment and health of personnel who live and work in the ship/facility; and to contribute to the overall readiness of the operational/shipboard Medical Department. Overall objectives of MMM are to:

  • Improve medical care of the crew by more efficient resource use.
  • Support surveillance analysis in operational environments.
  • Monitor medical support capability onboard ship.
  • Support management of medical supplies.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of radiation health protection programs.

Maritime Medicine MMM is a component of Theater Medical Information Program-Maritime (TMIP-M), which is the Navy version of the Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J). TMIP-J is a family of systems designed to aid deployed medical personnel in all levels of care in theater by automating and integrating clinical care documentation, medical supplies and equipment tracking, patient movement visibility, and health surveillance for all the military Services. TMIP-J is a Military Health System (MHS) program with participation from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, United States Transportation Command, United States Joint Forces Command, and the Joint Staff, J4 Medical Readiness Division.

The program’s primary purpose is to integrate/develop medical information systems to capture the medical record and link all theater levels of care in an integrated, interoperable fashion to provide enhanced medical care to the Warfighter. It serves to reduce the administrative workload and to enhance the credibility, standardization, and quality of health care documentation in the medical environments ashore and afloat.  

Currently, some sites are still using a stand-alone legacy application known as SAMS8 to perform some of the functions now available through MMM. Upgrade of SAMS8 legacy sites to TMIP-M is targeted to be complete by 2016. SAMS9 was originally integrated into the TMIP-M suite but was sunset September 2011 when its functionality was renamed Maritime Medical Modules. The capabilities available through SAMS9 have remained the same in MMM.  MMM is only delivered as an integrated component of the TMIP-M application suite, intended to support medical personnel in the theater.

Key Capabilities - MMM is comprised of 5 modules:

  • Environmental Health (EH) — Assists providers in monitoring selected environmental conditions that may endanger patients’ health and ensures corrective action is taken before medical problems arise. Medical personnel use the module to track environmental data.
  • Health Services (HS) — Used to document, update, report on, and transfer medical information of crew members and visitors. Medical personnel who collect and manage data use the module to track and monitor patient medical readiness information.
  • System Management (SM) — Allows Program Administrators to maintain facility data and provider information, including access privileges. The module also facilitates management of security features and patient transfers.
  • TMIP Radiation Health (TMIP-RH) — Tracks radiation exposure data to preserve and maintain the physical well-being of personnel working near radioactive materials or exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Maritime (DM) — Previously called Medical Materials, this module helps providers identify requisitioning objectives by tracking low quantities per line item, automatically requisitioning these items, and consequently crediting operating funds. The module also records and verifies Authorized Minimum Medical Allowance List/Authorized Dental Allowance List (AMMAL/ADAL) additions, deletions, and shelf-life extensions, and helps to ensure quality assurance program adherence, specifically in regard to medications, immunizing agents, and lab reagents.

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