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Integrated Charting Engine (ICE)
ICE Display

ICE was initially developed as part of the RLGN program to provide the SINS technician a graphical display of ship's location for operational considerations, i.e. gravity deflection compensation. It was further developed to support the AGF-11 Sea-Based battle lab.
ICE operates under Sun Solaris S/W and Windows NT/2000 for networked clients. It implements CADRT ORD requirements detailing a Network Centric Fused (layered Canvas) environment and provides APIs for interoperability with other Mission Area software code (e.g. ASW). For technical help please email us at

ICE was developed for use by U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Marines, academic institutions, and research & development agencies. To obtain and register an evaluation copy of the ICE software, please see the ICE download and registration instructions.

SSC Atlantic
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