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Common Geospatial Navigation Toolkit (COGENT) 

COGENT's primary responsibility is a toolkit to support safe navigation by providing a soft real-time graphical display of ownship position and surrounding area. COGENT also provides an integrated, layered tool set to support various mission areas in harmony with the primary navigation operations. COGENT has much of the same functionality as ICE and adds many enhanced capabilities, including support of third party applications through external software interfaces.

COGENT displays National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Digital Nautical Charts (DNC®), utilizes GEOSYM 4 symbology and allows the user the functionality inherent in DNCs to meet Electronic Chart Display and Information System standards defined by the International Maritime Organization and / or the International Hydrographic Organization.                                                                                                 

COGENT operates under Windows NT/2000/XP SP2 and requires Intel P4 Pentium 3.0GHz or Pentium M 1.8GHz CPU, and having at least 1GB of main memory. "MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA NOT SUPPORTED"

For technical help please email us at 

COGENT was developed for use by the Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, academic institutions and research and development agencies. To obtain and register an evaluation copy of the COGENT software, please see the COGENT download and registration instructions.

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