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3 - Information Management
Information Management

Information management allows the naval warfighter to gain information superiority and support strategic and tactical decision makers. Information management primarily consists of C2 systems that provide situational awareness of sea, air and land environments through common operational pictures (COPs) that are developed from multiple and often disparate data sources. These systems enable operational commanders to assess their environment to develop plans and monitor missions.

Information management also includes the software agents and data architectures used to securely access and distribute data to support battlespace awareness and decision making.

In addition to tactical employment of information management, we provide physical and electronic security systems for DoD installations to ensure critical information and resources are protected. Information management is a key component of Information Dominance and allows us to provide Marines and Sailors with superior installation and operating environment knowledge to support naval combat capabilities.

Primary products and services areas:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Data Integration and Display
  • Data Architecture
  • Physical and Electronic Security Systems
  • System Security and Integrity
  • Enterprise Services

See Page 13 of the Products and Services Catalog.

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