SSC Atlantic’s Economic Impact More Than $9 Billion* Annually 7/20/10


A recent study shows that Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) Atlantic based in Charleston plays a vital role in local, regional and national economic development, and provides a significant impact on local economies in South Carolina.

SSC Atlantic and affiliated organizations are responsible for the architecture, integration, acquisition and support of information technology solutions for U.S. national defense.

It should be noted that this study is the first in a series of economic impact reviews. This first study concentrated on the impact of the Charleston office of SSC Atlantic. It also included data from other locations that were part of former SSC Charleston. Additional studies are planned to include the impacts of former SSC Norfolk and SSC New Orleans, which have been merged with former SSC Charleston to become SSC Atlantic.

The economic impact study, conducted by Douglas P. Woodward, Ph.D., director of research in the Division of Research and Professor of Economics at the University of South Carolina Moore School of Business, shows that SSC Atlantic plays a vital role in local, regional and national economic development.

According to Dr. Woodward, SSC Atlantic’s activities are "crucial to the health of the regional economy."

* This figure is a combination of direct, indirect, and induced impacts on local economies. The direct impact is the economic activity generated by the SPAWAR’s in-state purchases. These local purchases generate further expenditures within the South Carolina and other state economies, leading to indirect impacts. As suppliers and local vendors spend income received from SPAWAR, businesses benefit further upstream. Moreover, wages are paid to employees as a result of the direct and indirect expenditures. The wage income then exerts an increase in expenditures via the local consumption of goods and services locally. These effects are called induced impacts. The sum of the direct, indirect, and induced impacts is the total economic impact

SSC Atlantic

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