SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT)
Inspector General

SSC Atlantic Inspector General Hotline Program: Prevention of Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement

It is Department of the Navy policy that Navy activities shall demand and enforce the highest ethical standards from their members, fairly and efficiently manage their resources and people, and exercise fiduciary responsibility over taxpayers' dollars. The Navy encourages the identification of problems in these areas and requires immediate corrective actions.

The Hotline Program was designed to eliminate fraud, waste and mismanagement by identifying problems and potential solutions. Action to prevent, deter and detect instances of fraud, waste and mismanagement is the responsibility of all personnel.

The Inspector General Office, Code 01I00, is responsible for managing the SSC Atlantic Hotline Program. The office maintains a staff of trained investigators who are responsible for the timely, accurate and impartial hotline investigations. It has established four ways to file hotline inquiries.

  1. Telephone (843) 218-5016 (24/7)
  2.  Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement Complaint Form    (If "submit" button does not work, email to: and attach form.)
  3. FAX (843) 218-5576
  4. Mail:
    Commanding Officer
    ATTN: Code 01I00
    PO Box 190022
    North Charleston, SC 29419-9022

Before you submit a complaint, please review the following steps:

STEP 1 - Determine the best method of addressing your issue. Use the correct channels. Use the local chain of command starting at the lowest possible level before elevating your issue to the next higher level. Review the IG's "How to Resolve a Complaint (A-Z)." If you don't find your issue, contact your legal officer, public affairs officer or SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic IG office for assistance.

STEP 2 - Review the Naval Inspector General website "Hotline Procedure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" so you will know what to expect when you file a hotline complaint.

STEP 3 - If you have used your chain of command, reviewed the IG's  "How to Resolve a Complaint" list and the IG's frequently asked questions list to determine if your issue is appropriate for the SSC Atlantic IG Office, gather the information to answer the following questions:

  • Who .. Individual's full name, rank/grade and duty station
  • What .. Specific wrongdoing and why you believe the activity is misconduct. Include the rule, regulation or law you has been violated
  • Where .. Location where the wrongdoing occurred.
  • When .. Specific dates and times
  • How much .. Estimated dollar loss
  • Why and how .. Describe why and how you believe the offense was perpetrated.

Include what you have done to try and resolve the issue. What do you want the IG office to do?

Additional tips and comments:

  • Be completely honest with the IG office by presenting good faith allegations of wrongdoing.
  • The IG office cannot change regulations. However, it can recommend changes to regulations.
  • The IG office can only provided recommendations or advice to managers and the commanding officer. It cannot order changes.
  • The IG office can only resolve a case on the basis of provable fact. If evidence cannot be found to support the allegations, the allegations cannot be substantiated.

Hotline websites and contact information:

    SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic  Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement Complaint Form
    phone:  843-218-5016

    SPAWAR Headquarters Hotline on-line form
    phone: 619-524-7070

    Navy Hotline Webpage
    phone: 1-800-522-3451

    Department of Defense Hotline Webpage
    phone: 1-800-424-9098

Additional information:

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