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Inspector General

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NSW Inspector General

Mission and Vision of The Naval Inspector General

Our mission is to inspect, investigate, or inquire into any and all matters of importance to the Department of the Navy and maintain the highest level of public confidence.

Vision of the Naval Inspector General: We are the conscience of the Navy. We make a difference, adding value at all levels through proactive assistance, advice, and advocacy.

Our guiding principle is to support the Department of the Navy in maintaining the highest level of integrity and public confidence. 
Guiding Principles of the Naval Inspector General: To support the Department of the Navy we will:

  • Provide candid, objective and uninhibited analysis and advice.
  • Emphasize integrity, ethics and discipline. 
  • Promote efficiency, effectiveness and readiness. 
  • Conduct our activities with the highest standards of ethical leadership and professionalism. 
  • Advocate for quality of life for Sailors, Marines, their families and DoN civilian employees. 
  • Exercise fairness, impartiality and timeliness in accomplishing our mission.