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collapse Category : DON Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct ‎(2)
DONCodeofEthics(2005).docEmployees' Guide to the Navy Standards of Conduct (Jan 06)DONCodeofEthics(2005)
collapse Category : Ethics Issue Papers prepared by OJAG (Code 13) & IG Legal Staff ‎(21)
WhistleblowerReprisal.pdfWhistleblower Reprisal (Military Members) (27 Oct 05)WhistleblowerReprisal
Principles of Ethical Conduct.pdfSpouse and Dependent Travel Point PaperPrinciples of Ethical Conduct
Spouse and DependentTravel Point Paper.pdfSpouse and Dependent Travel Point PaperSpouse and DependentTravel Point Paper
PostEmploymentRestrictions_NonFlags.pdfPrinciples of Ethical conductPostEmploymentRestrictions_NonFlags
PostEmploymentRestrictions_Flags.pdfPost Employment Restrictions (Flag Officers) (19 Sep 06)PostEmploymentRestrictions_Flags
OfficialRepresentationFunds_29Mar_1.pdfOfficial Representation Funds (1 Apr 05)OfficialRepresentationFunds_29Mar_1
NoticetoReviewingAuthority.pdfNotice to Reviewing AuthorityNoticetoReviewingAuthority
Military Air Travel Point Paper (2009).pdfMilitary Air Travel Point Paper (Revised 12/09)Military Air Travel Point Paper (2009)
MentalHealthReferral.pdfMental Health Referral (1 Nov 05)MentalHealthReferral
Government Vehicles Point Paper (2009).pdfGovernment Vehicles Point Paper (Revised 12/09)Government Vehicles Point Paper (2009)
Gifts Point paper (2009 Dec).pdfGifts Point Paper (Revised 12/09)Gifts Point paper (2009 Dec)
Fraternization.pdfFraternization (5 Jun 07)Fraternization
Flag Aide Point Paper (2009).pdfFlag Aide Point Paper       (Revised 12/09)Flag Aide Point Paper (2009)
FairHiring.pdfFair Hiring (16 Aug 05)FairHiring
Enlisted Aide Point Paper (2009).pdfEnlisted Aide Point Paper ( Revised 12/09)Enlisted Aide Point Paper (2009)
EmployeeEthicsGuide.pdfEmployees' Guide to the Navy Standards of Conduct (Jan 06)EmployeeEthicsGuide
DONCodeofEthics_2005_.pdfDepartment of the Navy Code of Ethics (2005) (10 Nov 05)DONCodeofEthics_2005_
Communication with Industry Point Paper.pdfCommunication with Industry Point PaperCommunication with Industry Point Paper
Commericial Air Travel Point Paper (2009).pdfCommercial Air Travel Point Paper (Revised 12/09)Commericial Air Travel Point Paper (2009)
Command Coin Point Paper (2009).pdfCommand Coin Point Paper (Revised 12/09)Command Coin Point Paper (2009)
Appropriated_Funds_to_Purchase_Food_for_Events.pdfAppropriated Funds to Purchase Food for Events (12 May 06)Appropriated_Funds_to_Purchase_Food_for_Events
collapse Category : General ‎(3)
VCNO_EthicsMemo_06Dec10.pdfVCNO Memorandum For All Flag Officers, Subject: Standards of Conduct Guidance,  06 December 2010VCNO_EthicsMemo_06Dec10
NSW IG Hotline Complaint Form.pdfNSW IG Hotline Complaint FormNSW IG Hotline Complaint Form
Board for Correction of Naval Records.pdfBoard for Correction of Naval RecordsBoard for Correction of Naval Records