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 Riverine Squadron ONE

Command Philosophy


Mission:  To provide an adaptive and scalable Riverine Force that is combat ready and prepared to execute the full range of Riverine and security operations, worldwide, in support of our Nation’s Wars.

Vision:   To be the Nation’s premiere Riverine Combat force  effectively prepared to win in a wide range of operations from Theatre Security Cooperation to Combat Missions.  We will be an organization that exemplifies the highest standards of service, conduct and performance, founded on a culture of professionalism, pride, respect and dignity.  


Guiding Principles:

Professionalism – Know your job, do what is expected of you and continually strive to expand your knowledge and qualifications.  Be competent in your position and let your performance do your talking.

Excellence - In everything you do, in everything we accomplish as a team, strive for excellence and exceed expectations. People will notice.  Set a personal example of integrity, readiness and accomplishment.  Never compromise your core values.

Communication - Effective two-way communication is essential to our success.  To consistently accomplish the mission, our subordinates must know what is expected of them and they must feel empowered to provide feedback while accomplishing what we ask of them.

Warfighters and Maintainers – We must be ready to go to war and our equipment must be ready to support our operations.  Abuse/neglect of equipment directly impacts the efficiency, effectiveness, and readiness of our squadron. Maintenance, property accountability and resource management must be integrated into combat operations.  Well trained operators and supervisors who know how to conduct operations checks and services on equipment, are the foundation to any effective maintenance program. 

Delegation and Accountability - Delegate authority to the appropriate level.  Reward those who deserve credit for their actions and discipline by holding accountable those responsible for inappropriate actions.  We are accountable for our own actions and those of the people we supervise.  If corrective actions are necessary, have the moral courage to take charge and fix what needs to be fixed. 

Procedureal Compliance – The Navy and the Riverine Force have instructions and SOPs to guide us in our execution the Mission.  Know these instructions and adhere to them.  Only an appropriate level of leadership may authorize deviation from written guidance and normally that level is myself.

Safety – Combat is inherently dangerous but safety should always be on our minds.  Do not become obsessed about it, but do not take unnecessary chances especially in a training environment. 

Dignity and Respect - Whatever your ancestry or your lot in life, here you are an equal. We will not tolerate disrespect or harassment! We are all on the same team.  Negativity is not welcome.   Care for the safety and welfare of our Sailors.


As Riverines, we are a team - disciplined, fearless and lethal who achieve and succeed at any task, at any time, in any condition.