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About CRG-1


About Us

Coastal Riverine's primary mission is force protection conducted through fleet support with operations around the world.  Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection missions include harbor and homeland defense, coastal surveillance, and special missions.  Specialized units work together with CRF Squadron staffs providing intelligence and communications.  CRF units deploy worldwide to detect, deter, and defend an area, a unit, or High Value Assets (HVAs).  Recent locations include the United States, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.  As CRF continues to grow, we stand ready to assume emerging missions whenever or wherever they may be.

CRG 1 provides centralized planning, controlling, training, coordination, equipping, and integration of CRF units trained to operate in high density, multi-threat environments.  CRG 1 also exercises operational control of its subordinate units which includes individual unit detachments for Communications, Boats, Sensors, and Security.