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To maximize training opportunities, SFA executes the following processes.  All four steps listed below are required but may be tailored based on mission requirements, resources, and Partner Nation (PN) training history.

-Pre-Training Site Visit (PTSV): A team of 2-4 SFA personnel visit the PN to identify training resources, locations, and clarify training expectations.  The PTSV is crucial to reconciling PN capabilities with SFA course objectives and ensures SFA properly tailors and delivers the desired curricula.
-Mission Planning: Once the PTSV is concluded, a minimum of 60 days is required to plan and execute a mission. In certain circumstances, the timeline can be modified depending upon curricula sophistication and the PN's training history.

-Curricula Development: SFA staff either tailors existing Military Articles and Services List (MASL) courses to PN language and culture, or develops a new course of instruction (COI) to best meet the training goals of the COCOM and PN.

-MTT Execution: an organic Mobile Training Team (MTT) executes the course.  When required, subject matter experts augment the team.  Depending on the course, the teams consist of 2-6 personnel.