Seabees in Timor-Leste

About Us

Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) serves as the single functional command for the Navy’s expeditionary forces and as central management for the readiness, resources, manning, training and equipping of those forces. Expeditionary forces are organized to accomplish specific objectives in other countries.

NECC is a scalable force spanning the full range of military operations from Theater Security to Major Combat. Made up of dedicated, ready Sailors, NECC forces are high impact, operating around the globe, building partnerships, and helping increase partner navies’ capability to promote peace and prevent war. However, when called upon, they also become primary enablers for a Combat Commander to win a crisis or war effort.

NECC is a force provider for integrated maritime expeditionary missions. The subordinate units are a core expeditionary force providing “smart power,” applying just the right power, at the right time, at the right place. This may cover a variety of missions such as:

• Effective waterborne and ashore anti-terrorism                                                    Coastal Riverine Sailor

• Force protection                                                                                                 

• Theater security cooperation and engagement

• Humanitarian assistance/disaster relief contingencies

• Supplementing other Governmental agencies for homeland security, upon request

NECC forces are trained in combat skills for self defense. These forces seamlessly blend Active and Reserve Components, with reserve units training and deploying like their active duty counterparts. Using operational reserve forces, the Reserve Component is fully capable of providing the same capability and capacity as their active duty counterparts. All NECC Active Component forces can produce an initial surge capability within 48 hours.

NECC is an agile, responsive and expeditionary global force provider. Supplying a continuum of capability from the blue to green and brown water environments, NECC is an essential part of the Navy team to deliver core capability through expeditionary forces.