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ECRC DET Fort Jackson  (Camp McCrady)
Navy Individual Augmentee Combat Training (NIACT)




  • Berthing consists of 40 rack open bay barracks. E-9/O-6 and above get a single room.
  • Students are responsible for the daily cleaning of barracks.
  • Senior Enlisted Leaders will provide a schedule for the cleaning of the Laundry Room (3890), Classrooms (3910/12), and Computer Lab (3931).
  • Authorized liberty is incumbent upon the cleanliness of assigned barracks/facilities.
  • Inspections are performed at the end of each training week and prior to being released for travel.

ADMIN SDO: 803-319-7742
SUPPLY SDO: 803-319-6390
MEDICAL SDO: 803-381-1884
LNO FAX: 803-299-2759
DSN: 312-583-1021

SDO: 803-299-2607
SDO CELL: 803-447-0093
SDO FAX: 803-299-2405

Immediately notify both Navy & Army SDOs

CAPT Michael Hassien 803-806-2756

LCDR Randal Jones 803-806-2595

GMCM Mark Seifert 803-806-2760

  • Not allowed during training hours.
  • Contact your designated Army POC for use of cell phone during training hours for emergency and official calls.
  • Secure electronic devices in your locker.
  • You may bring laptops, MP3 players, gaming systems, and electronics of this nature at your own risk. These items ARE NOT allowed on ranges or during any training evolutions. Camera use IS NOT permitted on ranges or during any training evolutions.
  • Cell phone use IS NOT permitted at any time during daily training hours.

      Free Wi-Fi is available in all student barracks, the Impact Zone and the Day Room.
      Computers are available in the computer lab of Bldg 3931.

  • Dining Facility (DFAC Bldg 3800): Breakfast: 0700-0800, Lunch: 1200-1300, Dinner: 1800-1900
  • ADMIN (Bldg 3931): Monday – Thursday 0730-1800, Friday 0730-1830
  • MEDICAL (Bldg 3931): Monday – Thursday 0730-0800 & 1700-1800, Friday 0730-1530
  • SUPPLY (Bldg 3958): Monday – Thursday 1700-1800
  • Computer Lab (Bldg 3931): Daily 0600-2300
  • Impact Zone (Bldg 3921): Tuesday–Thursday 1800-0100, Friday-Saturday 1800-0200
  • PX Shoppette (MTC): Daily 1200-2000

Liberty Policy:

Liberty will be granted in accordance with the Army Training Brigade and ECRC Leave/Liberty policies.

Liberty may commence only after required training is complete to include barracks cleanliness and weapons cleanliness.

During training week (Monday-Friday), off-base liberty is limited to travel between McCrady Training Center and Fort Jackson and ends at 2100 daily.

Saturday liberty is incumbent upon the completion of training and upon release by your Company Cadre. Authorized liberty will end at 2100 Sunday unless otherwise dictated.

  • 100 mile limit radius for weekend liberty.
  • All overnight liberty requires a Request Chit provided by your Company’s Senior Enlisted Leader and approved by NIACT OIC.
  • Deadline to submit Request Chits is 1800 Thursday.
You are authorized to use your POV for weekend liberty only. At the expense of the student, rental cars are authorized for liberty.

MWR vehicles are not authorized for liberty.

Authorized Taxis allowed on base are:

  • Colonial Limo (877-701-5466/803-665-3100/803-477-4300)
  • Blue Bird Taxi (803-754-8163)
  • Capitol Taxi (803-794-2225)
  • Checker Cab (803-799-3311)
  • Rates for 1-4 passengers range from $30 to $63.00 as specified to the below areas:
    • Fort Jackson Proper $30.00
    • Columbia Airport Area $49.00
    • Downtown Columbia (5 Points/Vista) $32.00
    • Columbiana Center $63.00
    • Columbia Place Mall $40.00
    • Sandhill Mall $40.00
    **The above are set rates for up to 4 personnel. If you are overcharged, make sure the following information is passed to the Logistics Chief as soon as possible after the overcharge has occurred.
Leave Policy:
Only Red Cross verified emergency leave requests will be authorized.

  • Have mail sent to:
    5395 Leesburg Road, Bldg 3931
    Eastover, SC 29044-9189
  • Although the mailing address is supplied, do not begin to mail things to yourself. (The Post Office has limited space and can only retain mail on hand for so long before they have to 'Return to Sender')
  • Recommend Priority or above service delivery due to location of McCrady Training Center.
  • Do not have mail delivered after the second Wednesday of NIACT training.
  • Mail sent after student departure will be returned to sender.
  • UPS Store is located at Fort Jackson PX. Hours are Monday-Friday 0900-1800, Saturday 0900-1600, Sunday 1100-1500.
  • U.S. Post Office is located at 4400 Early Street on Fort Jackson. Hours are Monday-Friday 0830-1700.
  • FEDEX forms are available at the NAVY LNO office for use at student’s expense.
  • Official Mail is handled by Task Force Marshall’s Admin office. Make copies of all items sent via Official Mail.

Messing is provided at the Army Dining Facility (DFAC Bldg 3800): Breakfast: 0700-0800, Lunch: 1200-1300, Dinner: 1800-1900
McCrady Shoppette can be used to purchase amenities.

Services are available for Anglican, Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Church of Christ, and Latter Day Saints

Religious Points of Contact:
Chaplain Roy Butler, 803-931-6670
SGT Penny Cann, 803-860-1234

Fort Jackson Sunday Services:

Main Post Chapel
4580 Scales Ave.

0800 Islamic
0930 Protestant
1100 Roman Catholic

Solomon Center
6510 Strom Thurmond Blvd.
0800 Roman Catholic

Memorial Chapel
4470 Jackson Blvd.
0930 Jewish
1100 Protestant

Anderson Chapel
2335 Anderson St.
0800 Anglican
0930 Latter Day Saints
1130 Church of Christ

  • No civilian attire is authorized
  • BRING PT GEAR AND RUNNING SHOES. Sailors are to be in uniform or official PT gear at all times.
  • You are required to bring the Navy's new Physical Training Uniform (PTU) gear and running shoes with you IAW NAVADMIN 191/08.
  • Bring all prescription medications with you.
  • Bring no more than one set of civilian clothes. (For traveling purposes).
  • Report to Sunday’s In Brief in any authorized Navy uniform. PX Military Clothing Store is located on Fort Jackson. They do carry Navy PTUs. Hours are Monday-Friday 0900-1900 and Saturday-Sunday 1000-1600.
  • At Gear issue (Monday & Tuesday) you are required to report in Navy PTUs and wear your boots or regular-soled tennis shoes. Do not wear “minimalist” footwear or flip-flops.

Sailors walk to DFAC which is located near berthing.

  • Each Company will be assigned a 15 passenger MWR van.
  • Senior Enlisted Leader will establish/manage a Duty Driver schedule for evenings/weekends.
  • The van will operate in accordance with the posted schedule and in conjunction with training events.
  • MWR vans are prohibited from being driven anywhere other than Camp McCrady & Fort Jackson.
Two MWR vans are available for PX runs at Fort Jackson during the evenings and weekends. Transportation to the Chapel is also available on Sunday.

  • Students will receive their travel itinerary/information the THIRD Monday of training. Travel arrangements are based on your official orders, specifically the intermediate stop following your training at NIACT Fort Jackson.
  • You will receive a packet containing your NIACT Page 13, NEC document, Weapons Qualifications, and other information as required for your mission.

  • Travel claims are to be turned in to your follow-on PSD either in theater or at your next I-stop.
  • Pay issues are to be directed to either your last PSD (NMPS, Parent Command) or upon arrival in theater.
  • ENSURE your ID card is CAC activated (your pin) and your PKI Certificates are updated. This cannot be stressed enough, as it will affect JASS, BOL, NPC, and many official websites your will need to access.

  • Training begins the first Monday after arrival through the third Thursday. Training must be completed in its entirety. Any training not completed may result in termination of your orders.
  • requests, concerns, questions, etc., are to be communicated to the Navy LNO office via your designated Company Senior Enlisted Leader and Officer-In-Charge. Inform the Navy LNO office of any issues and engage in problems early.

  • All GEAR ISSUE is mandated by Noble Eagle number and must be taken in its entirety to theater.
  • DO NOT SHIPANYTHING ISSUED HOME. Items will need to be returned at Warrior Transition Program – Kuwait upon completion of your orders. Anything not returned will be billed to you for immediate payment.
  • Any OCIE/RFI gear lost during training will result in a DD 200 Survey (handles by the Navy Supply LCPO.) The student will be held accountable and financially responsible for reimbursement.
  • All of your necessary military gear and equipment will be issued. Do not buy extra equipment that you may not need or be authorized to have. (Including shoulder holsters!)

  • In accordance with OPNAVINST 3591.1F, “No one shall participate in small arms training if they have consumed alcohol within the previous 12 hours.” Failure to comply may result in UCMJ action as defined by ECRC HQ Little Creek, VA.
  • Weapons Awareness Reinforcement (WAR) will be strictly followed. Sailors will have weapons in their possession at all times, including at the DFAC. Authorized exceptions: MWR runs to Fort Jackson, Authorized Off-base Liberty, head calls or after lights out. Additionally, weapons are not authorized in the MTC Chapel, Troop Medical Center, or McCrady Gym. In these situations, weapons must be turned over to your battle buddy or authorized weapons watch.

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