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Fort Huachuca


 Fort Huachuca


 Fort Huachuca is located in Southeast Arizonia ~ 15 miles north of Mexico. Its major tenant is the United States Army Intelligence Center.


ECRC, Detachment Fort Huachuca
Navy LNO Contact Information
Phone: (757) 462 4744 x147



Transportation to Fort Huachuca

  • Most visitors coming to Sierra Vista / Fort Huachuca fly into the Tucson International airport. Car rental is available at the airport. It takes a little over an hour by car to reach Sierra Vista / Fort Huachuca.
  • Shuttle bus service from Tucson to Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca is available.  Reservations must be made.  For pick up time call (520) 439-0439 or visit their website:  Group rates and discounts are available.
  • If authorized a rental car, from the Airport exit, follow Country Club Dr to Valencia Rd. Turn right on Valencia Rd. Continue on Valencia to the I-10 East entrance (toward El Paso). Drive approximately 40 miles on I-10 to exit 302. Turn south on Hwy 90. Drive approximately 30 miles to Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista. When you arrive Sierra Vista, turn right on Fry Boulevard and you’ll end up at the main gate. Stop at the visitor's office just outside the gate and show your CAC for a map of Fort Huachuca.
  • There will be check-points at various locations on the highway.  Do not be alarmed as this is normal due to the location of the U.S. border.



  • ENSURE your ID card is CAC activated (your pin) and your PKI Certificates are updated. This cannot be stressed enough, it will affect JASS, BOL, NPC, and many official websites your will need to access.
  • Ensure you have and remember your MyPay pin number!
  • BRING PT GEAR AND RUNNING SHOES. You are required to bring the Navy's new Physical Training Uniform (PTU) gear and running shoes with you IAW NAVADMIN 191/08.
  • PT socks should cover the ankle.
  • Bring all prescription medications with you.
  • Bring no more than one set of civilian clothes. (For traveling purposes)
  • All of your necessary military gear and equipment will be issued. Do not buy extra equipment that you may not need or be authorized to have.
  • Although the mailing address is supplied in this Welcome Brief, do not begin to 'mail things; to yourself...the Post Office has limited space and can only retain mail on hand for so long before they have to 'return to sender'.
  • For any non-issued items you would like to send home, mail service will be available at your cost.
  • You may bring laptops, MP3 players, gaming systems, and electronics of this nature at your own risk. These items ARE NOT allowed on ranges or during any training evolutions. Camera use IS NOT permitted on ranges or during any training evolutions.
  • Cell phone use IS NOT permitted at any time during daily training hours.
  • LNO Staff can make available a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Members training at Fort Huachuca fall under the rules of 1st Army.
  • Under 1st Army rules, members are prohibited from the following:
    • Wearing civilian attire
    • Other than your uniform, only NAVY ISSUED PT gear is authorized
    • Sexual relations
    • Drinking of alcohol
    • Leaving base or having visitors
 Post Office


Rank and Full Name
2125TH GSU/Navy Mission/Class (will be provided)
A-3280 Butner RD
Fort Huachuca , AZ 28310 Letters and Packages normally take one-two weeks to arrive via USPS.



  • MAINTAIN OPSEC!! (Operational Security) when communicating with friends and family back home.
  • Public use computers located at library. Each with access to internet.



  •   Berthing is not available at Fort Huachuca.
  •    Each group will be staying at the same hotel due to rental car usage, training and security.   However,  a  recommended list of hotels will be supplied by the LNO.  Some personnel may be required to share a room.
  •  DEFAC (Dining Facility) is not available to students
  •  Members will use guidance for local per diem rate



  •  Laundry and internet services vary per hotel


JICC and EAIT Courses

For those attending the JICC and or EAIT courses the classrooms are located in Tallmadge Hall, Building 62702 on Cushing Street. You must report no later than 0815 on the first day just outside the main entrance and the instructors will allow you into the building. For the JICC course call (520) 533-4590. For the EAIT course call (520) 533-3566. Uniform is duty uniform and bring a copy of your orders.

To get to Tallmadge Hall you will come into Fort Huachuca via the main gate located on Fry Blvd. Once you come in you are to go straight on Squire Avenue for about a mile and a half and make a slight right onto Winrow Avenue. Follow Winrow for about a half mile and make a right on Arizona Avenue. Follow Arizona and make another right onto Cushing Street where Tallmadge Hall is located.


Electronic Warfare School

For those attending the Electronics Warfare EWTPC course the classroom is located in Room 159, O’Neil Hall, and Building 61809 on Irwin Street. Class starts at 0800, please be prompt. Call (520) 533-3662.

To get to O’Neil Hall follow the instructions above for the JICC school but instead of making a right onto Cushing Street you will continue on Arizona until you reach Irwin Street and make a right. O’Neil Hall is the first building to your right.

Enter Ft Huachuca at main gate. Follow one way road (Squire road) to Irwin street and make a right. Take Irwin to the stop light and turn left (Hatfield street). Take Hatfield to Cibeque Street and make a right. Follow Cibeque to second stop sign and make a left (Irwin Street) or, prior to 0730 cross street and proceed left through parking area to gravel parking area. First building on the left is Bldg 61809 (O’Neil Hall), directly across from gravel parking area.

Additional School Informaiton:

  • CMGC Manager - (520) 533-6628 DSN 821
  • CMGC Site Lead - (520) 538-7962 DSN 879
  • Chief, Functional Courses - (520) 533-0527 DSN 821

Students are required to provide a copy of their orders when reporting. Bring several copies of your orders.

Course Prerequisites:

SECRET security clearance with granted ACCESS updated in JPAS for verification purposes. No exceptions.


UAV School

UAV School For those attending the UAV school the course is located in building 11640 which is on the far side of the base. The POC for this course can be reached at (520) 678-9728. For assistance and instructions on how to get to this school or help with any other issues, please call the ECRC LNO at (757) 462-4744.

Fort Huachuca General Information: (520) 538-7111

Fort Huachuca Website:

Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) is your Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) and maintains administrative supervision during your Individual Augmentee Training.