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Welcome Aboard


 Welcome Aboard



“Welcome Aboard!”

Congratulations on your orders to ECRC

Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) is located on Norfolk Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia. We are in BLDG J-50 at 1683 Gilbert St.
ECRC directly assists Individual Augmentee (IA) and GSA IA Sailors by ensuring they are properly uniformed and equipped while coordinating with the Army to ensure they get the proper stateside training.
ECRC provides Navy Liaison Officer (LNO) teams to provide direct assistance to sailors at a pre-deployment training site.
ECRC assigns Action Officers (AOs) to IA Sailors and provisional units grouped by mission. AO’s review missions and training pipelines and communicate directly with IA Sailors throughout the mobilization process to ensure that IAs are fully ready to deploy both medically and administratively.
ECRC provides logistic support by coordinating IA Sailors’ return home through the redeployment/demobilization process, helping get Sailors home expeditiously and safely.
When reporting aboard, please come to our Admin office for a check-in sheet and general information. You will find your shipmates friendly and helpful as you take on this new and important challenge. We’ve all been exactly where you are, brand new to the command with many unanswered questions. One thing is certain: every day you come to work, you will be breaking new ground as the Navy develops and executes new ways to fight the Global War on Terrorism. Our motto says it all, “Nauta Primoris” or Sailors First! Again, Welcome Aboard!

For questions, contact our IA Helpdesk at: ECRC.HQ.FCT@NAVY.MIL



EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: Command Duty Officer (757) 763-8640

                                                  Assistant Command Duty Officer (757) 438-3375

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: 24 Hour Toll Free Family Hotline (877) 364-4302