Coastal Riverine Squadron TWO


 Welcome Aboard 

  1. Congratulations on receiving orders to Coastal Riverine Squadron TWO (CRS 2). On behalf of the entire command, I extend you a warm welcome. CRS TWO was established in the wake of the bombing of the USS Cole (DDG-67) and the 9/11 attacks on America with the primary goal of providing anti-terrorism defense for American assets around the globe using well-trained and highly mobile security forces. I expect you will find your tour of duty onboard the Navy's finest Coastal Riverine Squadron challenging and rewarding.

  2. Completing the following will ensure a smooth transition to Coastal Riverine Squadron TWO:

    • In accordance with your orders, please ensure you contact your command’s Security Manager to verify that your required clearance is current and will not expire within six months of departing your current command.
    • Ensure the completion of an operational duty medical screen. You must be physically qualified for duty in an expeditionary environment. Our medical department has independent duty corpsmen, but we have no physicians assigned.
    • Prior to your arrival, you should have completed the following NKO courses:
      • Introduction to the Navy’s Fraternization Policy CPPD-GMT-INFP-1.0
      • Information Assurance - DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge V1 DOD-IAA-V11.0
      • Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information DOD-PII-2.0
      • Records Management DOR-RM-010-1.1
      • Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness DOD-CTIP-1.0
      • Introduction to the Navy’s Drug Abuse Policy CPPD-GMT-INDAP-1.0
      • Introduction to the Navy’s Tobacco Cessation Policy CPPD-GMT-INTCP-1.0
      • Physical Readiness CPPD-GMT-PR-1.0
      • Sexual Health Promotion – Deckplate Supervisor CPPD-GMT-SHPDS-1.0
      • Antiterrorism Level I Awareness Training (CONUS) CENSECFOR-AT-CONUS-2.0
      • Antiterrorism Level I Awareness Training (OCONUS) (HIGH THREAT) CENSECFOR-AT-OCONUS-HT-1.0
      • Antiterrorism Level I Awareness Training (OCONUS) (LOW THREAT)  CENSECFOR-AT-OCONUS-LT-1.0
      • Operational Security ("Uncle Sam's OPSEC") NIOC-USOPSEC-2.0
      • Operational Risk Management CPPD-GMT-ORMTC-1.0
      • Introduction to Anger Management CPPD-GMT-IAM-1.0
      • Domestic Violence Prevention and Reporting CPPD-GMT-DV-1.0
    • Complete 2nd class swim qualifications

  3. Coastal Riverine Squadron TWO is located at building 14, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA. If you need immediate lodging, contact the Gateway Inn at 1-877-NAVY-BED to make reservations at the Portsmouth Shipyard / Scott Annex. There may be a long wait for base housing in Norfolk, VA. You should check with your assigned sponsor and Naval Station Norfolk housing office at (757) 443-3700 or (757) 619-8596 prior to making any long term housing decisions.,, www.militarychild.ord,

  4. Please keep your sponsor informed of your PCS leave address and phone number so that we may contact you if the need arises. If at any time you are unable to contact your sponsor, please feel free to contact the Command Quarterdeck at (757) 967-4303, the Command Career Counselor at (757) 967-4313, or the Command Master Chief at (757) 967-4304. If you need to contact the Command Ombudsman Call (757) 284-6360.

  5. Command website is currently under refreshment. Please contact Command for support in the interim.

  6. Again, Welcome Aboard. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Michael Witherspoon, CDR, USN, Commanding Officer