Coastal Riverine Squadron TWO

Coastal Riverine Squadron Two is located in Norfolk Naval Shipyard - Portsmouth, VA in Building 14 at the West end of Sloat Street.

For precise location of Coastal Riverine Squadron Two Building 14, click here.

To reach Norfolk Naval Shipyard:

  • Interstate 264
    1. Eastbound on I-264 E toward Exit 7A Effingham Street. Or Wesbound via Downtown Tunnel Exit 7, Stay left and turn onto Effingham Street.
    2. Continue South on Effingham for 1 mile.
    3. Turn left onto Porstmouth Blvd, Gate 10 will be on your right.
    4. Or continue south on Effingham until you reach Gate 1 on your left. Turn entrance will be on your right.
  • Highway 141 (George Washington Highway)
    1. Northbound on Highway 141.
    2. Highway 141 turns into Effingham Street.
    3. Gate 1 will be immediately on your right.
    4. Or Continue for 500 feet and turn right onto Porstmouth Blvd, Gate 10 will be on your right.

Navigating Inside Norfolk Naval Shipyard:

  • Gate 10 (0530-1730) is located on the intersection of Port Center Pkway and Porstmouth Blvd.
    1. After entering Gate 10, immediately turn left on Berren Street.
    2. Turn Left on Mayo Avenue.
    3. Turn Left on Sloat Street.
    4. Coastal Riverine Squadron Two Headquarters is located immedately on your right.
    5. Parking for Headquarters is located on the repurposed tennis courts on your left
  • Gate 1 (Main Gate) is located on the intersection of Green Street and Williams Avenue
    1. After entering Gate 1, turn left on Pennock Street.
    2. Pennock Street will curve left and turn into Henley.
    3. Henley curves right and turns into Berren Street.
    4. Follow directions from Gate 10 (2.) above.

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