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Sleep and Fatigue

The Naval Safety Center partnered with OPNAV, COMNAVSURFLANT, Naval Personnel Command, and the Naval Postgraduate School on a series of videos to highlight the importance of natural sleep cycles, the risk of fatigue, and the role of adequate rest in readiness and mishap prevention. The videos identify problem areas, pass along information to improve awareness, and help guide strategies for preventing fatigue-related injuries and deaths.

Sleep/Fatigue Videos

Video #1 - The impact of fatigue on readiness (14.4MB)

Video #2 - A lack of sleep can impair you just as much as alcohol (29.2MB)

Video #3 - Why it is imporant to keep berthing areas dark and quiet (29.3MB)

Video #4 - Clinical research proves that adequate sleep is critical to performance (25.3MB)

Video #5 - Sleep and how it affects performance and readiness (14.4MB)

Video #6 - Fatigue Affects Performance(17.1MB)

Documentation/Studies of Fatigue/Sleep/Impact on Readiness and Safety

 ALNAVSURFOR - Circadian Watchbill

 Alternative Watch Schedule

 Improving Watchstander Resilience

"My Story"

LNSN(AW) Daniel Sosa - DUI and Fatigued Driving

Sailor Neal Beard Loses Two Children in Fatigue-Related Car Crash


Aeromedical Fatigue Information

Navy Times: "3 Hours On, 9 Hours Off: A Better Watchbill"

Study of Fatigue In Naval Aviation

"A Sea Change in Standing Watch"

Navy Medicine Magazine: "The Importance of Sleep in Protecting Mental Health and Operational Readiness"

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