The Aviation Safety Specialist (CIN A-493-0065) and Safety Programs Afloat (CIN A-493-2099) courses are three and two day courses, respectively.  To attend either course all personnel must complete the Naval Safety Supervisor course (NAVEDTRA 14167F), offered as a downloadable non-resident training curse via the Navy Knowledge Online Navy Advancement Centers website. This non-resident training course covers the fundamentals of OPNAVINST 5100.19 series and is required to obtain the secondary NEC 9571.  The Naval Safety Supervisor course fulfills the fundamentals portion of the Safety Programs Afloat PQS (NAVEDTRA 43460-4B). Safety Petty Officers are highly encouraged to complete the Naval Safety Supervisor course as soon after being assigned to the position as possible in order to complete the remaining portion of the PQS (Watchstation 301) within six months.  Personnel must bring proof that the Naval Safety Supervisor course has been completed to be allowed into either the Aviation Safety Specialist or Safety Programs Afloat course. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the course.

To complete the Naval Safety Supervisor Course, go to https://courses.netc.navy.mil. Select the box that reads "CAC Login" and agree to the consent banner. If you do not have an account on the Non Resident Training courses site, you will be prompted to register. Once registered, you will be on the NRTC site. Select Student Services from the top bar and click Course Registration. Find the NAVEDTRA 14167F, Naval Safety Supervisor Course. You will then be able to register for the course and complete the required prerequisite training.