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Current Mishap Definitions and Reporting Criteria 

Mishap Class Total Property Damage Fatality/Injury
A $2,000,000 or more and/or aircraft destroyed Fatality or permanent total disability
B $500,000 or more but less than $2,000,000 Permanent partial disability or three or more persons hospitalized as inpatients
C $50,000 or more but less than $500,000 Nonfatal injury resulting in loss of time from work beyond day/shift when injury occurred
D $20,000 or more but less than $50,000 Recordable injury or illness not otherwise classified as a Class A, B, or C

Mishap reporting cost threshold changes were effective 01 Oct 2009.

Only Class A, B and C mishaps are included in the data presented on this site.

Note: The term "Marine military personnel" as used in the statistics pages includes Navy military personnel attached to Marine units (e.g. corpsmen).


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