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National/International Media: Contact the Navy Office of Information (CHINFO) at (703) 697-5342.

Local Media: Contact the Command Public Affairs Officer at 757-444-3520 Ext. 7312 or by email at

To request data and statistics: For general data and statistics, please send a detailed email to The email must contain the following information

  • Focus of story
  • Timeframe of data requested
  • Type of data (Class A mishaps, fatalities, etc.)
  • Deadline

To submit a FOIA request: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows any person, whether a U.S. or foreign citizen, to seek access to agency records concerning the operations, activities, and functions of the Executive Branch of Government (SECNAVINST 5720.44A ChH-1). The Naval Safety Center requires that a written FOIA request be submitted if the information requested involves data from mishap investigation reports. FOIA requests can be submitted by regular mail to: Naval Safety Center, Code 03, 375 A. Street, Norfolk, VA 23511. Requests can also be submitted electronically.

Commander, Naval Safety Center, 375 A Street, Norfolk, VA 23511 | (757) 444-3520 / (DSN 564)
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